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Finally an Explanation

Norcaaal posted Feb 15, 17

Hello everyone.
I have some explaining to do.

To start off, I would like to apologize for the absence of higher staff. That is including me, and Anthony.
I know since this whole "Ownership" change of simply caused a major ruckus, and we did everything we could to help calm everyone down.
Then it seemed everything went downhill. Problems occurred, bugs were prevalent, and we were inactive.
I can go over a few reasons why. But to be completely honest with you, none of them are good enough to even consider using as excuses.
And I realized this.
So I decided to make a major change. A change only a few people can see thus far.
Changes that have been going on behind the scenes and out of sight of everyone on the server. We don't want to make sudden drastic changes, because we don't want to upset anyone.
But, we have been working and working and working. I'll get into that here in a minute.

I'm going to go over a few things I believe you all have the right to know as dedicated players of SimplyCrafted.

I know a big meme or inside joke within the server is 'we don't know what we're doing so we just get more and more staff.'
When in reality that's pretty far off. But still kinda funny when I see people mentioning it.
When we get new or more Staff, it's because we believe that specific person deserves it. And because they want it.
They applied for the staff position. And we carefully pick out particular people that we feel can make a difference.
So for the next while, Staff Applications will no longer be closed.
We will now be reviewing Staff Applications. So if any of you want to join our bandwagon of Staff, now's your chance!
We aren't promising you that everyone that applies or has applied will be receiving a Position, it means we are now looking to see who the next person is that can make a difference.
Staff Applications are now Open for the time being.

Well, since we were on the topic of Staff, ShadowMaster and SolarEmpire. They are now our Devs. For multiple reasons.
One of the main reasons, I'll get to in a moment.
But Shadow And Solar aren't people I just pulled from the street and asked if they wanted to be Staff on a Minecraft server.
They are very well qualified friends of mine.
They are some of the smartest people I know. And for what we are doing and working on. I need some help.
The Staff and I decided to give them Dev because though they are now apart of our Staff team. They are not going to be taking the place of a Staff Member.
So, I don't want anyone to worry about these two strangers coming on and bossing you around. That will not be happening.
Solar and Shadow are here to make everything go a lot smoother with what's going on. They are helping me help you.

But now onto the more pressing matter.
There are two names I can think of off the top of my head that probably won't believe a word of this.
But for the last few weeks, we have been working on something that we believe can boost the moral of the server, and over time, boost the player count and player base of SimplyCrafted.
It will not be an immediate effect. Because Minecraft servers are very hard to keep populated. Bigger servers have the funds for advertisements and extremely custom features.
Things like that are not cheap whatsoever.
We are trying to build our empire from the ground up. We unfortunately don't have the money to buy a fancy advertisement right now. But what we do have, is the desire to make a change.
But before we make any drastic decisions, we, the SimplyCrafted Staff Team would like to ask YOU. What would you like to see? What do you want?
Because we are listening.
Let us know, by either telling us personally, creating forum posts, or even commenting on this post alone.
As hard as this might be to swallow at first. We care about Simply now more than ever.
And we need your help to make it thrive.

To conclude this Post, I would once again like to apologize. I know some of you may not accept that apology right now, and that is perfectly ok.
I understand completely.
But that doesn't change the fact that I am very motivated to bring Simply back.
And once we get more details for you, I will let you all know what's going on in full detail. That will be released to you all very soon.
But for now, thank you for taking the time to read this. I know this may not sit well with everyone at first glance.
And that's perfectly fine.
We are doing this because we feel the same as you do.
We don't want to see Simply die.
We aren't going to let that happen.
That's a promise.
Give me a chance to prove that to you.
Thank you everybody for reading :)


VanillaATodd I really miss having simply back to the way it was before so fingers crossed that everything comes back. Don't work...
Aria_K_ Events. Competitions. Games. Announce em and we'll come running.
cxra mcmmo :)

Server news!

IPv5 posted Dec 1, 16

Hey all Simply players!

Christmas is approaching fast which means some very special things are happening on the server! First thing is obviously the presents! If you'd like a present, you can let us know by going to /warp santa and posting a sign on Santa's Wall. Please only include your name on the sign. Requests to receive a certain object will not be fulfilled. The LAST DAY to post a sign on Santa's Wall will be Sunday December 18th. After December 18th no more signs on Santa's Wall will be accepted so make sure you do it on that day if you haven't already posted one. You DO NOT need to modreq about your sign, we will see it. Presents can be found at /warp xmasisland starting on the 25th. There will be signs directing you which way to go since the gifts are grouped by your username. Make sure you go into the building corresponding with the first letter of your username. ANY PRESENTS NOT CLAIMED BEFORE JANUARY 8TH WILL BE REMOVED! The second event will be a twenty five days of Christmas scavenger hunt! Starting on December 1st, a present will be hidden at /warp xmasisland labeled with a warp sign. There's a catch to this hunt though. Each day 50,000 will be awarded. This money however is split between the amount of people who find that present for the day. For example, if there was 20 people who find one of the presents, each person would be awarded 2500. Keep this in mind when searching. It is not beneficial to help your friends! A new day means a new present and the one from the previous day will be removed. For example on the 2nd the prize for the December 1st present will be removed so you must be online that day to have a chance at winning. If you find the present go to the warp on the sign and then post your in game name on the wall found inside the room the warp takes you to. After each day the names of the people who found the present and posted on the wall will be counted and the money will be evenly split. Prizes will be distributed the day after the present was for or whenever you are online next. Anyone found posting signs for someone other than themselves will not be permitted to participate in any of the remaining days. The "presents" are just a block of colored clay so be on the look out for those! Presents will be placed at 12:01 AM EST and removed at 11:00 PM EST everyday so make sure you are online during this time so you have a chance at winning! As well as these events there is other server news. The tree farm is officially reopened however it is no longer automatic. These means you must replant any tree you chop down. Anyone found not replanting will be jailed. Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of our staff team? Applications are currently opened. Anyone wanting to apply should do so before December 8th in order to be considered. Good luck!

SimplyCrafted reset!

IPv5 posted Oct 15, 16

Hello everyone!

I, IPv5, am pleased to announce that Simply has been reset and updated to 1.10! I hope to see some new faces around the server  I am excited to see what the players have to offer the new Simply. We would like everyone's help in finding bugs that need fixing. We are also open to new ideas and would love to hear them! So please let us know in the Forums or you can contact any Staff or me.

Again, I hope to see all you guys coming back on to check things out 


Thank you,


Greetings and salutations everyone! 

There is something all of us have wanted for a while. And that is for SimplyCrafted to come back to life and be stronger, and better than ever.
And that is exactly what we have planned for you!

With this, We have some good news, And some bad news. I will start by telling you the bad news. And tell you exactly what the good news is,  and why it is so good!

The Bad News: SimplyCrafted will be having a factory reset. In other words meaning, there will be a full wipe and a full server reset. (Towns and Player Data)

The Good News: The good news is everything will stay the same. Nothing will be changing, nothing aesthetically will be removed. The spawn will remain present, The End and The Nether will still be present. But player Data within those worlds will be wiped. Essentially Simply will be a brand new server. 
Upon this reset a multitude of things will happen to Simply. Not only will this reset give not just US but it will give YOU the confidence and the want and desire to see Simply live up to it's max potential. With this reset it will shine a new light onto the future player base and future family members of SimplyCrafted and it will give Simply room to grow and thrive as much as possible.


I know a reset can sound scary. But think of it more as a fresh start if anything.

As I am sure you have already read IPv5's introduction, We have no intentions of changing Simply to fit our wants and desires. Our intentions are to listen to YOU. We want to make SimplyCrafted feel just as exciting as it felt when I used to play on Simply many moons ago. That is the extent of our intentions. 
We wish to bring Simply back, We don't want Simply to live on it's last breath any longer. We are giving it new lungs so it can finally breathe again!

As of today (Sunday, October 2nd) the Reset will be in the works. And the Reset will be implemented (Saturday, October 15th)

As of today you have 13 days until the Rebirth of SimplyCrafted!

Me, As well as everyone on the SimplyCrafted Staff Team hope and wish you all stick around and see what SimplyCrafted is truly capable of!
We believe this is best for Simply, And so do a majority of the players. It has been a long time coming, And now we are able to bring Simply to exactly what we envision. AMAZING!!!

Once again, I hope you all stick around and stick with us, And please. We DO read every forum post and every comment. So if you have ANY ideas or suggestions. Please do not hesitate to make a post or a comment about it! You never know, We just might implement it!

Again, I know this might sound scary. But behind the fear. I hope you are just as happy and excited about the Rebirth of SimplyCrafted as we are!

Thank you,


GSS_99 I really haven't played simply or minecraft in general since the faction days. However I support this reset decisio...
dragondude1214 Do i get all the hard work that i dont care about back? :DD