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SimplyCrafted reset!

IPv5 posted Oct 15, 16

Hello everyone!

I, IPv5, am pleased to announce that Simply has been reset and updated to 1.10! I hope to see some new faces around the server  I am excited to see what the players have to offer the new Simply. We would like everyone's help in finding bugs that need fixing. We are also open to new ideas and would love to hear them! So please let us know in the Forums or you can contact any Staff or me.

Again, I hope to see all you guys coming back on to check things out 


Thank you,


Greetings and salutations everyone! 

There is something all of us have wanted for a while. And that is for SimplyCrafted to come back to life and be stronger, and better than ever.
And that is exactly what we have planned for you!

With this, We have some good news, And some bad news. I will start by telling you the bad news. And tell you exactly what the good news is,  and why it is so good!

The Bad News: SimplyCrafted will be having a factory reset. In other words meaning, there will be a full wipe and a full server reset. (Towns and Player Data)

The Good News: The good news is everything will stay the same. Nothing will be changing, nothing aesthetically will be removed. The spawn will remain present, The End and The Nether will still be present. But player Data within those worlds will be wiped. Essentially Simply will be a brand new server. 
Upon this reset a multitude of things will happen to Simply. Not only will this reset give not just US but it will give YOU the confidence and the want and desire to see Simply live up to it's max potential. With this reset it will shine a new light onto the future player base and future family members of SimplyCrafted and it will give Simply room to grow and thrive as much as possible.


I know a reset can sound scary. But think of it more as a fresh start if anything.

As I am sure you have already read IPv5's introduction, We have no intentions of changing Simply to fit our wants and desires. Our intentions are to listen to YOU. We want to make SimplyCrafted feel just as exciting as it felt when I used to play on Simply many moons ago. That is the extent of our intentions. 
We wish to bring Simply back, We don't want Simply to live on it's last breath any longer. We are giving it new lungs so it can finally breathe again!

As of today (Sunday, October 2nd) the Reset will be in the works. And the Reset will be implemented (Saturday, October 15th)

As of today you have 13 days until the Rebirth of SimplyCrafted!

Me, As well as everyone on the SimplyCrafted Staff Team hope and wish you all stick around and see what SimplyCrafted is truly capable of!
We believe this is best for Simply, And so do a majority of the players. It has been a long time coming, And now we are able to bring Simply to exactly what we envision. AMAZING!!!

Once again, I hope you all stick around and stick with us, And please. We DO read every forum post and every comment. So if you have ANY ideas or suggestions. Please do not hesitate to make a post or a comment about it! You never know, We just might implement it!

Again, I know this might sound scary. But behind the fear. I hope you are just as happy and excited about the Rebirth of SimplyCrafted as we are!

Thank you,


GSS_99 I really haven't played simply or minecraft in general since the faction days. However I support this reset decisio...
dragondude1214 Do i get all the hard work that i dont care about back? :DD

New Ownership

IPv5 posted Sep 11, 16

Greetings SimplyCrafted players!

As you can already tell, some changes have occured, but I can assure you no major changes will happen. Recently, SimplyCrafted has switched owners! I, Anthony or IPv5, am now the new owner of SimplyCrafted and I can assure you that I will do my absolute best to carry out my job as server owner as well as possible. I am an experienced server owner, having owned and managed over 4 different servers! We know you might be worried that I will do a full reset or I will do something big to the server, but trust me, I have nothing like that planned. I currently plan to keep the server as it is, as a respect to you the players and what all of you have accomplished on the server. The last thing we'd want to do is rid you of everything you've done. Players first!

So, yes there's a new owner. No, currently there aren't any big changes in the making. And, of course we will be working as hard as possible to make sure you the players are pleased!

Thank you all for your love of SimplyCrafted and we hope to see you around!

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Aria_K_ Yes, reset please, the server is dying and we need some new life blood. There are too many server issues and glitches as...

SMP now 1.9!

Daniiiiii posted Mar 29, 16

Hey SimplyCrafters!

Just a quick update to let you guys know that our SMP server has now been updated to minecraft version 1.9

We appreciate your patience in waiting for us to switch over, and hope that you will help assist us by notifiying our mod team of any bugs/issues/problems with 1.9 that you may find. If you fin d any issues in game please /modreq <brief description of issue here>.

Please also be aware that unfortunately, the plugin that is used to protect horses is outdated, and as such we have had to remove it. Any stored horses will unfortunately be lost in this process.

Thank you again, and we hope to see you around on 1.9!

ryu24x4 im joining on 1.9.4 just fine
Daniiiiii I can assure you that the smp server is 1.9 and has been for several months. Skyblock is 1.8. Make sure you select versi...
xRarePvP The server seems to be in 1.8 still and I cant join O_O